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Introduction to the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Course

The instruction of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, based on Abacus Calculative Theory, teaches students to visualize the abacus in their minds. Through a series of training lessons, a conditional reflex is formed mentally, and the students will learn these intellectual skills and rapid calculation methods. During practice, the children's ears, eyes, fingers and brains are working together simultaneously, carefully looking up or listening to questions, manipulating an actual abacus or picturing one mentally, and remembering the answers to every step in the problem's solution. This is extremely useful and effective training which improves a child's focusing ability and strengthens the memory. The learning process involves doing mental exercises which stimulate the brain to react quickly, expanding memory capacity to store abacus picture information when students are doing mental practice. The whole mental arithmetic process reflects a dynamic of manipulating an abacus in the mind by constantly replacing abacus pictures of answers for every step of a question, mentally. It benefits the brain's concentration, memorization, imagination, and logical thinking. Like a golden key which unlocks intelligence development, mastering the abacus and mental calculation not only helps in improving math skills, but also provides a boost to the study of other academic subjects throughout any student's academic career.


The golden age for learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic is for children from 4 to 12. This program will be a small size class which has no more than 12 students. We use bilingual teaching with English as the main language. The abacus class are offered in both fall semester (August-December) and spring semester (January-May), with approximately 16 sessions each. We use Abacus Class Textbook 1 in fall semester, and use Abacus Class Textbook 2 in spring semester.


Abacus class sessions

Time: Sundays except holiday

Beginner Level: 3:00-4:00pm

Medium Level: 4:00-5:00 pm,


Abacus class tuition:

Each semester (~16 sessions): $180 ($160 for student enrolled in SCS Chinese class)

Pre-pay two semesters: $340 ($290 for student enrolled in SCS Chinese Class)

* Tuition is due on first session of each semester. Late tuition payment will have additional late charge $10 per week for every week after the due date.



School Location: 660 Menlo Dr., Rocklin, CA 95765

(co-located with Western Sierra Collegiate Academy)


Contact: Joy Zou (Email: joyz2u@gmail.com )


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珠心算教育就是以算盘为工具, 根据珠算的算理, 同科学的教学方法, 把珠的操作活内化为脑珠算(即在子里想象珠), 而后形成条件放射, 直接心算得出果的一种速算方法和智力技能。 儿童在珠心算训练过程中, 手、眼、耳、口和左右两个半运用, 无论拨珠运算, 是看心算听心算, 都需要学生注意力高度集中, 既要听清,、看清数、又要住每一步的心算果, 存以算珠形式的信息, 整个运算过程记的都是不断更迭的珠算, 所反映的是整个算的动态过程, 促使儿童在思力、注意力、记忆力、想象力和感知力等方面受到反复的有效锻炼, 从而加了思的灵活性、深刻性、敏捷性, 促智力水平的提高, 达到一科学, 多科受益, 身受益的启智效果。


珠心算适合4-12的儿童学。我们实行小班教学,一个班最多不超12个学生。采用英语为主中文为辅的双教学。我秋季学期(8-12)和春季学期(1-5)都开珠心算班,每学期大16。学生可以选择只注册一个学期,也可以两个学期都注册。秋季学期的内容是儿童珠心算教材第一册。 春季学期是儿童珠心算教材第二册。








每学期(~16): $180 ($160 如果学生注册SCS中文

一学年(2个学期一次付清): $340 ($290 如果学生注册SCS中文)




660 Menlo Dr., Rocklin, CA 95765

系人: Joy Zou (Email: joyz2u@gmail.com )


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