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Founded in 2006, Sierra Chinese School (SCS) is an organization that teaches Chinese language, promote healthy culture heritage and enhance friendship in the Chinese American community.

We use two 2 series of textbooks for students from different background. Each school year contains 33 weeks from end of August to the end of May following year.

Currently the following classes are offered:

马立平教材班 1 to 8th grade: for children (>=6 years old) with Mandarin as the primary speaking language at home. 适合6岁及6岁以上家庭语言环境以普通话(国语)为主的少年儿童马立平教材采用直接认字,后学拼音先入为主的发展学生识别汉字的能力。

Conversation Class level 1 to 6: for children (>= 6 years old) with little or no Chinese heritage. This class use text book Chinese Made Easy For Kids for level 1 to 4. From Level 5 to 6, we use textbook Chinese Made Easy series, which is a continuation from the Chinese Made Easy For Kids series.

Sierra Chinese School is conveniently located in Rocklin, California off highway 65 Sunset Blvd Exit.


Address: 660 Menlo Dr,

Rocklin, CA 95765

Mailing Address: Sierra Chinese School,

3031 Stanford Ranch Road Ste 2, #120,

Rocklin, CA 95765

Time: 1:45pm - 4:00pm, Every Sunday
Contact: Wendy Lin
Email: wslin00@hotmail.com




What's new

* 2023-2024 SCS Chinese School Calendar (PDF)

* 2023-2024 SCS Chinese All Classes Registration Form

* Math Olympiad
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* Digital Arts, Music, Photography, and More
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Congratulations to All of our students who have taken and passed AP Chinese test. 68% got a 5. They are:

2017 Graduates:

Kaitlyn Ang Juju Hafften
Katrina Lee Patrick Young
Kyle Luo Katelyn Lee
Melody Yu May Lin

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2019 Graduates:

Natalie Ang Gavin Huang
Sonny Huang George Luo
Kyle Luo Katelyn Lee
Jovan Ng Aaron Shen
Allan Ye Daisy Zhong

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2022 Graduates:

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