Text Box: Sierra Chinese school

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhatís the age requirement for K and 1st grade?

A: For Ma Liping textbook classes, the students should be at least 5 years old for kindergarten and at least 6 years old for 1st grade. We recommend the students to be primary school students as Ma Liping textbooks progress very fast. If the children are too young, it may be difficult for them to follow. Ma Liping textbooks may seems too be childish for bigger kids and they may not be interested in it at all. In general, itís ideal to enroll into 1st grade if the student is between 6 and 10 years old. Itís less likely for the student to be successful if the student is under 6 or above 11 years old.


For Conversation class, there is not kindergarten class. The student must be at least 6 years old AND has completed kindergarten from primary school. This is because Pin Yin will be introduced at the very beginning. Students may confuse phonics with Pin Yin. The students should be not be more than 11 years old as the conversation is designed for kids between 6 and 10 years old.


Q:Is it true that transferring students are required to take a test before they can enroll?

A: We do assessment for transfer students, itís not a real examination. The purpose of the assessment is:

1. To understand the Chinese level of the student so we can put the student in appropriate grade.

2. To provide the parents and students a better understand of our text book and study guidelines. To make an appointment, please email scsrocklin@hotmail.com. There is no need to assess transferring kindergarten students if enrolling in the spring semester.


QIn our family, Cantonese and English are primary speaking languages, can my child go to your school?

A: Ma Liping textbook classes are targeted for students with Mandarin as primary speaking language at home. Therefor itís difficult for students with Cantonese as primary speaking dialog at home.† From our past experience, if the student finish every homework on time, repeatedly going through flash cards, focus on reading, the student was able to successfully learning and speaking Mandarin. If you donít think you will have enough time to assist your child with their Chinese homework, we recommend you to choose Conversation Class.


Q: Which class should I choose for my child, Ma Liping Textbook classes or Conversation Classes?

A: If your answers are yes for the following questions, we recommend that you choose Ma Liping textbook classes:

 At least one of the parents can speak(Mandarin), read and write Chinese.

 Do you have time and would like to put effort on assisting your child with daily Chinese homework

 Do you have a high expectation that you want your child to master Chinese language

 Do you believe that listening, speaking, reading is more important than writing?

 Cannot tolerate the child cannot read Chinese without Pin Yin?

 Do you think itís very important that your child should learn Chinese culture and History as well?

†† If your answers are yes for the following questions, we recommend that you choose Conversation Classes:

 Both parents knows little or nothing about Chinese language

 Have no time and effort to assist your child with daily Chinese homework

 Can tolerate the child cannot read Chinese without Pin Yin?