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2017 1st Capital Cup Chinese Language Contest Award Winners:


Samuel Wang 朗诵比赛k-2年级组第一名

Solomon Auerbach 毛笔字书法比赛3-5年级组第四名

Sophia Han 毛笔字书法比赛3-5年级组第三名,诗歌朗诵比赛3-5年级组第三名;


Isabella Zhang 绘画比赛3-5年级组第一名

Jonas Ng 诗 歌朗诵比赛6-8年级组第四名 绘画比赛6-8年级组

Michelle Han 十五巧板比赛第一名;毛笔字书法比赛3-5年级组第二

Xin Wu诗歌朗诵比赛第二; 绘画比赛3-5年级组第二

Jovan Ng 作文比赛6-8年级组第一名;诗歌朗诵比赛第四名

Katelyn Lee作文比赛6-8年级组第一名,毛笔字书法比赛6-8年级组第一名

Katrina Lee 毛笔字书法比赛9-12年级组第二名

Daisy Zhong 作文比赛6-8年级组第四名

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Health Kids Day Dragon Dance


On Nov 8th, 2014 Sierra Chinese School students David Van, Christopher Tea, Jerry Zhang, Patrick Young, Olivia Tea, Ethan Liu performed Dragon dance at the 2014 Health Kids Day event at Sleep Train Arena, directed by PAC Thai Van. (Click on the pictures for bigger size)













2014 Wells Fargo Chinese scholarship in Sacramento


Congratulations to Brian Ding (8th grade) and Stephanie Zhang (7th grade) who win 2014 Wells Fargo Chinese scholarship in Sacramento.   Both Brian Ding and Stephanie Zhang had wrote over 300 words Chinese assay and were selected as the top two students from 6th – 8th grade in our school. 



















2015 Summer YCT Tests

All of the following SCS students took and passed YCT 2015 summer test.

YCT Level I: Leroy Arden Yang, Megan Lee, Sophia Tun, Ashley Cua, Jonas Ng, Raymond Schumacher, Solomon Auerbach

YCT Level II: Xin Wu  Ellie Zhang

YCT Level III: Bowen Dayrit, Katrina Lee, Kaitlyn Lee

YCT Level IV: Stephanie Zhang


2014 Spring YCT Tests

All of the following SCS students took and passed YCT 2014 spring test.

YCT Level I: Milan Lin     Siyona Lin  Erica Jaffe Xin Wu  Ellie Zhang

YCT Level II:

Victoria Lin  Cynthia Huang  Ivan Terpeluk  Lesya Terpeluk Christopher Van

YCT Level III: Oliva Tea     Meichen Lin     David Van 

YCT Level IV

Alex Ly  Alex Wang  Carol Shao  Amanda Ly  Gavin Huang  Christopher Tea