Text Box: Sierra Chinese school

       Volunteer Schedule

2018-2019 Spring volunteer schedule is now available at Sign Up Genius:

We need 4 Volunteers per week. We will need every family to sign up at least 1 volunteer spot. If you have more than two children attending our school,  please sign up

more spots ( number of signed up spots equals to number of attending students at our school). Thank you!

Volunteer Duties

1. Arrive at school at least 5 minutes before school is started. No later than 1:45pm please.

2. Check in with Ms Wendy, pick an area (see more details below) you would like to monitor and sign up volunteer log book in your selected area. Put on the orange/yellow safety jacket.

3. Help teachers set up classrooms when needed.

4. During class time, keep an eye on 1st grade classroom and conversation I classroom as some kids may need use restroom or other situations that need additional help.

5. Help school projects when needed.

6. During recess time, we need to have 1 volunteer in each of the following area:

· Area #1: Outside near the Gym area

· Area #2 Close to the front entrance and stairs: to monitor students to stay inside the building and do not allow any students to go upstairs

· Area #3 In the open space close to classrooms: Remind the students not jump on the chairs, desks or ottomans, couch

· Area #4: All around the first floor and ring the bell. Walk around and help with any situations. Bell schedule:

1:45pm – 1st session class starts

2:45pm - Recess

3:00pm – 2nd session class starts

4:00pm - class over


During recess time, ensure students are sound and safe.

· Remind students “No running. Walk please!”

· Stop any sign of violence, misbehavior. If serious, please report to Ms Wendy.

· Clean up after recess - putting all supplies that students used to play into the bags/containers

7. After school is dismissed, check every classroom and make sure tables and chairs are in right place

8. Wait till all students are picked up by their parents.

Safety is the first priority for our school.  We solely rely on you parent volunteers to keep kids safe on campus and your support is really appreciated.