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育达中文学校的小老师都是在美国出生和长大,有一定中文基础的九年级以上高中生。他们经过育达中文学校的筛选,并且接受了一个星期以上的专门培训,兼有独立授课的能力。本校的远程英语口语教学主要招收对象是以中文为母语小学二年级到初中二年级的中国学生。依照每位学生或家长的要求,拟定教学方案,没有固定的课本。此远程英语口语教学并不要求事先签约长期合同,拟以月为约算单位。每次为时45分钟,每月1号按总次数预付本月费用。如对远程英语口语教学有兴趣的学生或家长,可发电邮到:wslin00@hotmail.com 或微信 ID: sierrachineseschool

Patrick Young
Patrick Young is currently in 12th grade at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy in Rocklin, California. Academics are important to him, he maintains a grade point average of 4.0 and above, and consistently receives straight "A"s, principal's honor roll, and had skipped a grade level in both Math and Science. He has learned Chinese Language and Chinese Culture from both his family and the Chinese school he attended since age 5.
Friendly                             - Patient                        - Honest               - Responsible
Extracurricular Activities: 
Violin - Plays for certified merit (CM) and previously played in orchestras.
Basketball - Played for 4 years, played in AAU and plays for the school team.
DECA (Club) - Is an executive officer of DECA's Western Sierra chapter. 
Chinese Language and Culture - Learned for 10+ years

Andrew Gao
Andrew Gao is currently a 9th grade student at Rocklin High School in Rocklin, California. Andrew was born in the United States and he grew up speaking both English and Mandarin. Andrew is a patient and compassionate person who is willing to take time to help others. In school he is in the Advanced Language Arts class. He has consistently received the maximum grade point average and Principle’s Honor Roll Award.
Compassionate               - Patient                       - Honest                  - Responsible 
Extracurricular Activities: 
Piano - Enjoy listening to music and playing the piano.
Swimming - Competitive swimmer and has been named Top 100 in 2017 in the United States. Has competed in the National Youth Swimming Championships at Wuxi, China where he received 2nd and 3rd honors.

Speech and Debate - participates in his school’s Speech and Debate team and Science Olympiad team.

Math Olympiad - Received “National Distinguished” awards.